Friday, march 13 / 2.015
Soul Music
last nigth I went to a a magic evening thanks to a lovely friends, they toke me to a strange situation inside a place where the neighbors usualy does  several activities; but this nigth was reserved for a couple, brother & sister & some other parents who did a unforgetable singular performing.

The meaning of "Blues and soul" then got shy, I felt my soul traveling through an unsowable feeling; it was just half and one hour, but i'd like that it should be longer than eternity...

If U wants to know anything us 'bout that great artists, just contact me on FACEBOOK.

Many, many, many many, many, many (& ever &ever & ever & ever) thanks to you for take me to hear this great singers.

At half middle ;-] of the concert the singer said...

Why are we here? to take money for help  some friends who wants to give a chance to the people who deserve it.

Good reason to sing with the SOUL
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