KAMIKAZE (English)
June 25, 2012 at 5:43

Often as soon so much quickly we asociate this word as a "suicide man" like a islamist radical terrorist, the diference in that case is the that we imagine a man with torned eyes, inside a older airplane falling down from high sky 'till crash on the U.S.A. marine.


KAMIKAZE is a compound word, (Kami) "God" and (KAZE) "Wind". "
?"(double kanji) & "??" (Hiragana).

The translation could be "DIVINE WIND". Long long time ago, was a war between China & Japan (unfortunately one between so many others). When the doom and lucky seemed to say that the enormous chinesse army will won, a typhoon help to the japanesse & they was the winners of that battle.

On say that it was a "DIVINE WIND". Some years more late, japanesse people faithful to his flag UNTILL THE DEATH, knowing that they couldn't do so much against the U.S.A. navy, they decided to crash his older planes on their ships, falling from the sky without any possibility to be stopped... as a  "DIVINE WIND".
They were the "KAMIKAZE", people who given his life defending one country, one flag, one rag, one government...

Doesn't matter, matter 'bout honor, invasion or wars, I'd just want remember you that WAR  is a invention of human, this a big theather where the rich people sent the poor people to kill themselves. Just for conquer resources & continue enjoyn' his high level lifestyle.
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