15 de Julio de 2.013

Hi! I'm writing from Spain, on my country everyone says that japanesse and chinesse looks  the same, then the people says that they are the same... Often I try to show them the diferences, usuallư the skin, the face... always a chinesse never gives a loan, in the other side  japanesse always are generous and grateful, not as chinesse who just think on himselves...

Yesterday I bought a headphones on a chinesse shop, today doesn'n works, I can hear the  music only on my right ear; that's NOT any concidence or isolate situation, last week I  bought another headphones on another chinesse shop & its effective well-working life was  tree days, often I went to a chinesse shops to buy lamps & its life unfortunately is too  short.

Ten years ago I bought a japanesse digital watch made from "CASIO" company, on its  warranty was writen "If the battery exhausts before ten years, we will replace to you  another whole new watch"; today, ten years later I'm wearing this watch, It looks not so  well 'cause has many scratches, but now I've pushed the button for ligth & it works as the  first day. On the year 2.001 someone gave me a pocket translator Japanesse-Spanish MADE IN  JAPAN as a gift, it is still working eficiently.

You can buy on Spain so many things "Made in China", almost all of the carriers/companies does  it, because is too cheap; otherwise you can buy a japanesse product & then do not loose your  money as a idiot, a japanesse product will be more expensive, but it wil not be broken on a  tree days, maybe it will be ten times more expensive, but its life instead of one week will  be over 10 years.


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