A new kind of judges are over us, a kind of people who meanwhile they judge you, you'll never can   appeal.

Facebook administrators (the Facebook Team) &  Wikipedia librarian have been converted to a  fearsome anonymous judges whose says to you if you have the rigth to be there or not, who says  if you can express yourself or not on the most global cammunication font around the planet; they are the "Big Brother" who watch us.

If they don't like your oppinion, you'll be fully fired without any possibility to apeal.

You don't know who are them, but they of course knows who are you.

You leave them your personal data: date of birth, schools and universitys where you went to  study, the city where you are living, mail adress, personal pictures... Until your real name  too.

But you don't know anythig about them.

You don't know who are the, where are they living, if his acts are a group work or if they  decide uniterally as a whim.

You don't know what they will do with your personal data, data that they have been slowly  collecting.

So then, one day you found that your Facebook or Wikipedia account has been disabled.

There is not place nor time to protest, request or self humillation, You don't know what they  will do with the personal data & pictures that you habe been giving them.
There is not chance  for nothing, the decision is final, unappealable.
A new justice falls over us, a justice where you just can be a accused or condemned.

A justice where the concept of innocence is just a held miraje of a world that slowly is dying  with our agreement.
27 de Julio de 2.013
    JULY 27, 2013

         Digital Judge 

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